Comprehensible Online 2020

February 15 - May 17, 2020

We Conference Different.

An Entire Conference Totally Online.

What is Comprehensible Online?

Comprehensible Online is an online conference dedicated to bringing together highly-skilled CI presenters and teachers who want to learn about comprehensible input and implement it in their classrooms.

Comprehensible Online is innovating a new format in conferences and professional development with a 100% online experience. All presentations are videotaped so that participants can watch, pause, and rewatch at any time during the conference window. Because of the online video format, there are no conflicts with presentation schedules. Participants are able to participate in all presentations without the fear of missing one scheduled at the same time—something not possible in traditional conferences.

Comprehensible Online will not only offer presentations on TPRS/CI activities, reading strategies & activities, classroom management, and grading & assessment but also offer views into CI teachers’ classrooms where you can witness CI in action in real classrooms with real teachers and real students.

Each presentation will have a discussion area where participants can actively engage with each other, pose questions, and interact with the presenter. All of these discussions will be visible to all participants.

We’re excited to bring you this unique conference experience and are confident that you’ll come away with a better understanding of comprehensible-input strategies and practices that you’ll be able to bring back to your classroom and enhance your instruction.

2020 Presentation Details and Descriptions

As presentations are confirmed, they will be posted here!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the conference start and finish?
The conference window opens February 15, 2020 and will end May 17, 2020.
How long do I have access to the conference?
You will have access to the conference only during the active conference window. Once the window closes, you will no longer have access to the videos.
When is the conference window?
The Conference Window is from February 15 through May 17, 2020. You will only have access to the conference presentations during these dates. After May 17, 2020, the conference will close and you will no longer have access to any of the presentations or materials.
Why isn't Comprehensible Online offered during the summer?
It takes a lot to run an online conference. Many of the presenters and the conference team are presenting at workshops and summer conferences and aren’t able to maintain the conference while on the road. Plus, the summer is full of in-person workshops and conferences that we hope you will participate in. With such great summer conferences like iFLT, NTPRS, and the Agen Workshop, you have plenty of opportunities to get your professional development during your downtime.
Can I download the videos to watch later?
You can access the videos from any device with an internet connection during the conference window, but you will be unable to download any of the videos.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. We apologize but personal checks are not accepted.
What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellations for any reason will be subject to the cancellation policy below: 25% cancellation fee for cancellations made outside of 60 days prior to the conference. 50% cancellation fee for cancellations made between 45 and 59 days prior to the conference. 75% cancellation fee for cancellations made between 30 and 44 days prior to the conference. 100% cancellation fee for cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the conference.
Will a Certificate of Completion be offered?
Yes. Within 30 days after the end of the conference, all registered participants will get a certificate of completion certifying the total number of hours available at the conference.
Are university credits available?
Yes. In cooperation with teachforjune Workshops and the University of the Pacific, you may register for university credits for an additional fee paid directly to the university. You may read more about university credits https://teacherfriendly.com/co.

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